A safe, portable hitch-mounted crane

The Viper Lift™ V1000 hydraulic pickup truck crane is an over-center motion hitch hoist that makes loading and unloading material effortless and safe without compromising the functionality, body condition or structural integrity of your truck. Its distinctive, snake-like appearance is an intelligent design that allows a single operator to quickly and safely handle bulky, heavy items — virtually eliminating the aggravations and risks of manually loading cargo. Unlike traditional jib cranes, the Viper Lift™ V1000 transfers the demands of the load through the strong, stable centerline of the truck frame, which not only increases efficiency and reduces manual effort, but also prevents damage and injury.

Attached directly to the hitch, the Viper Lift™ V1000 is easy to install and does not take up valuable bed space or require cutting, drilling, welding or removal of the bumper or bed liner. The value of your vehicle is fully maintained. The crane can also be removed and mounted onto another truck within your fleet, increasing productivity and conserving budget dollars.

Backed by the proven power of hydraulics, over 40 years of engineering expertise and the high-quality manufacturing of AMCV Inc, you have the assurance that the Viper Lift™ V1000 will endure the rigorous demands of any work truck. Most importantly, you have the peace of mind knowing that your employees and your cargo are protected against potential injury and damage.


  • The Viper Lift™ V1000 accommodates most standard full-size pickup trucks. Certain Nissan Titan models can also be accommodated. Call for details.
  • Truck must have a heavy-duty, Class IV or Class V, 2-inch square receiver.
  • Truck beds must be open (no caps or side toolboxes). Some stepside body styles are not recommended. Some tonneau covers may interfere. Pickups larger than one (1) ton and tailgates wider than 64 inches subject to approval.
  • Check body height from centerline of receiver: 35 to 37 inches typical. Full dimensional drawing available.


Made in the USA from drawn-over-mandrel, high strength, heavy wall steel tubing. Powder coated for increased durability. Wherever necessary, non- corrosive, stainless steel proprietary parts have been used.

Lifting Capacity Up to 1,000 lbs (Class IV or Class V Receiver); at maximum capacity, tongue weight stays within TW rating of standard Class IV/V hitches
Unit Weight Approximately 340 lbs
Power Supply 12v DC, HD towing package recommended
Power Supply Wiring Twin 2-gauge copper wires with quick disconnect
Electric Winch 12V DC; Line speed 20 ft/min with 800 lb load
Warranty 1-year limited warranty; 90-days on hydraulic parts

Product and Technical Literature

Each Viper Lift V1000 Includes:

  • High-quality WARN® brand electric hoist
  • Heavy-duty stabilizer jack; attaches to crane and stows conveniently
  • Push-button control pendant (10 ft. cord)
  • Stop, Tail and Turn Light

With the Option to Add On:

  • Pallet Fork Lifting Tool
  • Trailer Ball Adapter
  • Trailer Pintle Hook Adapter
WARN® brand electric hoist Control pendant
Does not use valuable bed space
Bulldog® brand stabilizer jack Long reach crane
Does not interfere with towing capabilities
Fully-contained hydraulics Lifts safely on a slope without additional effort